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Awards and Audiobook Announcement

Now available in print, e-book and audio.







The audiobook is now available on At

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Last week, I receive the shocking email announcing that Unequally Yoked: Staying Committed to Jesus and Your Unbelieving Spouse is listed as a top ten finalist in the Advice category for the Author Academy Awards.

Thousands of books enter the contest annually, but only a few are selected. So, believe me when I say that getting a nod from this academy is HUGE!

One sponsor of this major literary award is Kary Oberbrunner of Igniting Souls and the author of over sixteen books. He is a world thought leader in motivation and inspiration. Getting a nod from a celebrity like this feels surreal.

The red carpet award ceremony is on October 25 in Columbus, Ohio. I won’t know until then whether my book will win an award. But just getting nominated is a thrill.

In 2018 Unequally Yoked won the Silver medal in the Readers’ Favorites Awards and was displayed at the Miami Book Fair. Getting recognized two years in a row by different award organizations is highly unusual. I’m humbled and honored. I thank God for entrusting me with this special task.

A book can’t be written without a lot of help from a special team. My team included editors, copywriters, book cover artists, formatting specialists, and marketing gurus. I owe all of them a debt of gratitude.

And speaking of a special team…

this brings me to Announcement #2 



It’s been a year in the making, but we’ve finally completed the audiobook for Unequally Yoked—Staying Committed to Jesus and Your Unbelieving Spouse. It’s available exclusively on ACX/Amazon/Audible at this link:

Thanks to Texan Anne-Leigh Stedman for being my voice on this huge project.

I have some free audible coupons available for readers purchasing from the UK store (only.) You can request one by sending me an email at

I’m working with Amazon right now to put the e-book on sale while we launch the audiobook. Keep checking the Amazon page for the latest promos for the e-book here:

And please remember to leave a review. Reviews are so important to authors. We can’t survive without them. Thanks.

In Other News…

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2018 Readers’ Favorite Silver Award Winner

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