Unequally Yoked

Staying Committed to Jesus and Your Unbelieving Spouse

Understand Your Unequally Yoked Marriage, Change Your Perspective, Strengthen Your Faith and Enrich Your Marriage

Are you a Spirit-filled Christian married to an agnostic, atheist or half-hearted Christian? Are you trying to introduce your spouse to Jesus—only to be met with an attitude of indifference or antagonism? Are you wondering, “How can I be completely committed to Jesus and my unbelieving spouse when our values are so different?”

Discover how you can enrich your marriage and strengthen your faith. Identify and understand your common problems and misunderstandings. Get the help and support that you need.

This book is designed to guide the believer in evaluating their relationships with Jesus and with their spouse—by examining the conflict of faith inside the marriage relationship. The author examines this challenging marriage through three lenses:

  • Understanding Your Unequally Yoked Marriage—Why does a good marriage change when one person comes to faith and the other doesn’t? How can we really know the depth of our spouse’s relationship with God? How does the process of sanctification encourage us to keep hope alive? How does the Christian language distance us from others, and how can we change that?
  • Your Spiritual Support System—How do we get the support that we need from others—both within the church and in the community? Why is connecting with other believers important?
  • Your Life at Home—What are some of the practical real-life problems that we face? In this section, we explore how to wisely implement our faith in our home. We zero in on some of the most common problems faced by many couples—including the marriage relationship, intimacy, cultural differences, communication, forgiveness, money, parenting, and self-care.

Unequally Yoked breaks down the barriers to unbelief by evaluating the many components of the marriage relationship and the believer’s Spiritual life. You will learn how to view the challenges of this complicated union through different perspectives. Your hope will be renewed as you discover how you can be happy and thrive in your unequally yoked marriage, and still be totally committed to Jesus.978-1-775-1895-1-0 (eBook)
978-1-775-1895-0-3 (Print)

Publisher:  Sanctified Hearts Publishing

Publication Date: January 14, 2018

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Reviews for Unequally Yoked

“Miranda has written an excellent book full of practical help for people who find themselves married to someone of a different belief structure.  The issues are real and have lots of consequences if not handled well.  I love Miranda’s personal stories of her journey.  She has navigated this journey with dignity and grace.  It is my privilege to know Miranda and to see her excel with this book!”

“Unequally Yoked strategically and elegantly takes the reader on a journey investigating biblical truths, biblical stories coupled with Bible verses and incorporates them into modern-day applications that the reader will fully understand.”

“Miranda is living the journey of what she writes about and her approach is practical with great compassion and empathy. This book is a beacon of hope and encouragement to all who are traveling the path that she is. A comprehensive and well written way forward to better and more loving marriages between believer and non-believer. Very highly recommended.”