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    The Writing of My Book “Unequally Yoked”

    You might wonder why I decided to write my first book on such a complicated theme. To be honest, I never intended to write a book on this subject. In fact, this topic was the farthest from my mind. As a side note, writing a book has been a dream of mine since I was eleven years old. But life and bad choices kept me from fulfilling that dream. Interestingly, those same bad choices and life circumstances led me into many twists and turns that could keep any author busy for decades. The tough decision was which part of my life story did I want to tell first? Secondly, what…

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    Gardening with Jesus

    This summer God has been downloading so many things to me mostly around the theme of gardening. You might think that I’m a wonderful gardener. I’m not. In fact, most of the time I give up halfway through the summer. I get tired of the work involved. I just want to sit back and enjoy the flowers. I walk around the neighborhood, admiring the beautiful front yards, wishing I had the stamina to put in the work required to have an award-winning yard. But I don’t. I suffer from low energy levels and poor physical strength. To keep my energy levels consistent, I’ve learned to pace myself, take plenty of…