It was my privilege to be interviewed by Naomi Bolton of

I really appreciated this opportunity to discuss the creation of my debut non-fiction book. It’s difficult for good Christian books to be seen and acknowledged in the secular marketplace. Unequally Yoked: Staying Committed to Jesus and Your Unbelieving Spouse is in a very small niche, and that makes marketing a challenge.

To read the interview, just click on this link, or copy and paste into your browser.

I’m excited to announce that Unequally Yoked is now available in print through your local Amazon site. It will also be distributed through Ingram-Sparks in the near future.

In celebration of launching the soft cover, Amazon is running a Kindle countdown special starting on June 30 at $.99 USD. The price will gradually increase through the week until it’s back to regular price. So get it now while it’s on sale.

If you purchase the soft cover, you can also get the Kindle version at the matchbook price of $.99. That’s practically two for the price of one.

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Blessings. Enjoy this wonderful long weekend.


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